XYG-302 Electric Connector Grease

Product category:Special Grease Series

Chinese Name:XYG-302电触点润滑脂

Hotline:  0571-63478168

Product Details
Basic Information
Base Oil Semi-synthetic oil
Thickener Complex soap
Additives Anti oxidant etc
Typical Values
Item Typical Values
Appearance Yellow transparent ointment
Dropping Point, ℃ ≥ 250
Worked cone penetration, 0.1mm 230~270
Corrosion (T2 sheet copper, 100℃, 24h) PASS
Evaporation (120℃, 22h),% ≤ 2.0
Contact resistance being very low, which prevents the sparks generated when power breaks off.
Good arc-control and protection for switch contacts.
Good lubrication, reducing wear of copper; waterproof, and good compatibility with plastics.
Applicable lubrication to all types of micro-brush and commutators, power switch or contact point of high, medium and low electric current.
Such as the lubrication and protection of the following facilities: Electrical contact point of automobile steering wheel combination power switch, or vortex sheets.
Temperature range