XYG-610 High-viscosity Anti-wear Gear Grease

Product category:Plastic Cear Crease Series

Chinese Name:XYG-610高粘性抗磨齿轮脂

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Product Details
Basic Information
Base Oil Refined base oil 1) This grease is of long operation life,
high temperature performance, long term effect etc.
2) It is divided in to many kinds according to
different viscosity and consistency.
Thickener Complex soap
Additives Anti wear, extreme pressure,
anti corrosion, anti oxidant,
Low molecular weight polymer etc.
Typical Values
Item Typical Values
Appearance White to yellow viscous ointment
Dropping Point,℃ ≥ 260
Evaporation (99℃,22h) ,% ≤ 2.0
Sprinkling loss (38℃,1h),% ≤ 10
Corrosion(T2 sheet copper,100℃,24h) PASS
Steel mesh oil filtering (100℃,24h),% ≤ 5
Extreme-pressure Performance Timken test. OK, N ≥ 156
4-ball test .PB,N ≥ 618
Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, anti wear, and water resistant.
Excellent oxidation resistance, mechanical stability and adhesion.
Small low-temperature torque, no proliferation under high-temperature, good adhesion, long-lasting noise lowering.
In line with the EU ROHS environmental protection standard.
Applicable to a variety of machinery and equipment, for low, medium heavy-duty gear, sprocket and the coupling machine etc.
Applicable as lubrication and silencer for micro-parts, high-speed and low-speed rotating machinery parts and various types of sophisticated gears, such as gear boxes, roller, transport chain, mechanical axis and so on.
Temperature range