XYG-510 Low Temperature Damping Grease

Product category:Damping Grease Series

Chinese Name:XYG-510低温阻尼脂

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Product Details
Basic Information
Base Oil Special synthetic oils It is divided in to many kinds according to different viscosity,
consistency and damping performance.
Thickener Inorganic thickener
Additives Rust inhibitor, anti corrosion,
and structure improvement agent etc
Typical Values
Item Typical Values
Appearance Milky white uniform ointment or colorless transparent uniform ointment
Non-worked cone penetration,0.1mm 240~300
Dropping Point,℃ ≥ 320
Corrosion(T2 sheet copper,100℃,24h) PASS
Evaporation (99℃, 22h),% ≤ 3.5
The damping torque is stable and smooth at different temperatures.
Excellent resistance to water seal, rust-proof and shock absorption, insulation.
Excellent adhesion and stringiness.
Extremely long operation life and material adaptability.
Damping and noise damping for CD-ROM, tape recorders, video recorders, cameras and other slow-open electrical devices.
Damping and anti-dislocation for the electronic equipment adjustment potentiometer etc.
Damping, antiskid for focusing mechanism of telescope lenses, camera lenses etc.
Damping and protection of reset mechanism of car steering wheel combination switch, meter needle etc.
Damping and protection of the vibration damping rod of the washing machine.
Lubrication for machinery and precise instrument under high and low temperature.
Temperature range